WAACS rules #10 Honor the past. Celebrate the new!

A true contemporary classic

Rule to be broken

It’s said that timeless design never goes out of fashion. We fully agree. Yet fashion alone won’t guarantee commercial success. To stay competitive in the market, a product must be sound and original by design. In other words: give consumers what they need and an experience of the new and unknown. Leaving room for improvement in even the best designs.

How we broke it

We listened. Closely. Consumers love the class and reliability of the original EMSA Eleganza. Keeping these elements, we examined everything else to enhance the jug’s functionality. Exploring new features like a ‘cool’ handle and durable double hinge, we achieved perfect pouring of hot beverages right down to the last cup. Introducing EMSA Elea, a true contemporary classic.

Why we did it

EMSA insulation jugs continue to rank among the top selling in Europe. With the previous success of our likeable and accessible household design, Mambo, EMSA called us with a new challenge: a classy and exclusive design for the high-end hospitality industry. A perfect opportunity for us to push the limits of the WAACS versatility.

The WAACS story

At WAACS we strive for maximum impact, right down to the finer details. We’re not afraid to change a winning design in pursuit of something even better. Understanding the heritage of our clients and the expectations of the consumers make us great at creating successful products.

EMSA Elea jug comes in 2 sizes




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