Industrial product design

With the launch of the 1-2-3 Kitchen Essentials WAACS introduces a series of three tools designed as an alternative to regular kitchen tools like the professional knife set. Designed for everybody that loves food, but doesn’t like preparing it.

The tools simplify the acts of shaking, crushing and grinding and enable amateur cooks to achieve professional results. As three round balls, the kitchen essentials form a nice set of tools that fit perfectly in the hand and make working with them very pleasant.

This chopper for herbs and small vegetables contains one fixed and two rotating double action knifes. The easy-to-put-together tool chops vegetables and herbs super small and with great ease.

A pestle and mortar with a ‘double action’ belt drive integrated in the edge of the container to facilitate grinding in a rotary movement. This movement causes the pestle to rotate in opposite direction, together with the ceramic grinding surface in the mortar and the grind surface on the pestle. This grinder is fast, easy and more thorough.

This tool has a crush disc sliding over a metal axis for optimal performance: the disc mixes liquids and bruises herbs when the container is shaken. Additional whiskers improve blending. It can be used to prepare herb mixtures, marinades, cold sauces, vinaigrettes, etc.