Microsoft webcam

Concept designs

Microsoft Webcam concepts designed for your raw emotion. You can’t buy it. Can’t assemble it out of existing parts, or borrowed feeling. It’s innate. You’re born with it. So are products. They either have it, or they don’t. And most don’t. Because most products need to get on the market fast; they make the greatest possible use of existing components. The result: tempered ambition, ambiguous emotion.

Microsoft approached WAACS in 1999, lured by the smell of raw emotion (or so we like to think). Since that time, we have conceived a number of hardware and software projects. All are bound by confidentiality. Except this one, which was recently released. The assignment: to create concept sketches for a family of 3 PC webcams aimed at 3 distinct markets: low-end, mid-range, high-end. The 3 designs had to be similar enough to read as a family and dissimilar enough to exemplify the 3 different markets. Each one is reminiscent of a small pet. The fact that they are not for sale makes people emotional; claim they feel raw. That’s WAACS.

Microsoft webcam designed by WAACS


low and to high end, office and home use.

Microsoft webcam designed by WAACS

Hand sketches

Hand sketches of the Mermaid a concept for Microsoft webcam design.

Microsoft webcam designed by WAACS

Design verification by models

Rapid prototyping: laser sintering.

Microsoft webcam designed by WAACS

The Mermaid concept design

Computer rendering of the Mermaid concept design for the low-end market.