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Glossary of Product Design Terms

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Back-end (or ‘Muddy Backend’)
The later phases of a design program, closer to manufacturing. Within some organizations some of these activities are identified as engineering.
Benchmarking (also benchmark product)
An improvement process in which a company measures the performance of its products or processes against that of best-in-class products or companies, determines how the product or company achieved their performance level, and uses the information to improve its own performance.
Best Practice
Methods that are generally accepted to be most effective.
Bill of materials (BOM)
A list of the components and sub-assemblies with the quantity required to produce an end product. A BOM can include other information like pricing, material, maintenance information, etc. depending on the intended use.
Dutch Designer's association.
A method in which a group of people tries to come up with ideas related to predefined topic. The focus lies on generating a large quantity of ideas in a short period of time.
Brief or briefing
A document in which the scope and deliverables of a specific project are defined. The document can also contain other information such as inspiration, budget, milestones, etc.
Business case
A business case is an investment plan which is used to consider whether or not a certain investment will be made. This will be based on the result of a cost-benefit analysis. It can be linked to a project, task or specific business plan.