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Glossary of Product Design Terms

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A visual representation of an idea related to a certain design challenge. IdeaCards are used to start a discussion with clients on which ideas are within the scope of the project.
The stage in a design process where ideas are being generated.
Software developed by Adobe, mainly used for 2D graphic design.
Inclusive Design
Designing products or services with the aim to make it usable for a wide range of people. By researching the variation in capabilities, needs, and aspirations, designers can make deliberate decisions on the group of people that will be included as an end user.
Industrial Design (or ID)
Design of products.
Intellectual property (or IP)
Intellectual property is a form of intangible property that consists of creations, which are protected from unauthorized use.
Interaction design
Design process with a focus on creating meaningful relations between the user and the product/service.
A device or program that enables the user to control an electronic apparatus.