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Glossary of Product Design Terms

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There are 9 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
A company that makes goods.
Market Pull
A new product development based on a specific demand or request from the market. Product development is a reaction on what users want.
MAYA (most-advanced-yet-acceptable)
Designing for the future, by creating advanced products or services that people will still be willing to accept and embrace.
Mechanical engineering.
A model that shows how a (part of a) product will look or operate.
Model (including CAD)
A 3D representation of a design.
Mood board
A composition of images that communicates a certain style direction.
Mould (or mold)
A tool used to shape components from a molten liquid material, mostly plastic or metal. The molten material solidifies in the mould’s cavity and takes over its shape.
Consisting of people with a different skill set.