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Glossary of Product Design Terms

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There are 19 terms in this directory beginning with the letter P.
A single 3d element, that can be part of an assembly.
Participatory Design
An approach to design that is based on participation of multiple stakeholders in the design process. Designers, developers, management, users, customers, salespeople, distributors, can all be part of the project, depending on the type of process. The goal is to empower the stakeholder by direct involvement in design and decision making, resulting in a strong user input and an increased level of satisfaction for the stakeholders.
An official document describing an invention, that gives the owner the right to use or sell that invention for a particular period of time.
A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a board made from a laminate material, on which conductive connections are etched or printed, that electronically link components placed on the PCB.
Percentile (as in ’5th percentile’)
Numerical value that corresponds to the percentage of a population with respect to a specified measure.
A defined stage within a design process. Examples: sketch phase, concept phase, etc.
Software developed by Adobe, mainly used for digital sketching and the retouching of images.
Pilot Run
A small-scale production run, produced to evaluate products before transferring the design to a full-scale production.
PoR (program of requirements)
A list of all the requirements that conform with a product or service.
A collection of projects done by a person or company.
Portfolio Management
The process of managing new product ideas, proposed projects and current projects under development as a portfolio to 1. maximize the value of the portfolio, 2. keep it in balance, and 3. align it with company strategy. By characterizing and reviewing the projects in a company’s portfolio as a whole, a big picture is presented and used to prioritize and select projects.
Product architecture
A scheme that communicates the overall function of a product, by describing the interconnections of all components within that product.
Product specifications (or product requirements)
A list of all the requirements that conform with a product or service.
A design task with a specified purpose.
Project management (PM)
The management process that aims to reach a specific goal within a predefined budget and time frame.
Project Scope
In the project scope all objectives for a project are determined.
Proof of concept/Principle
A small experiment to test a design idea.
An approach a specific design project. It is a translation of the design brief into specific processes, actions, and deliverables.
A model of an idea or concept that is used to assess certain design properties.