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Glossary of Product Design Terms

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There are 16 terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.
A representative part or a single item from a larger whole. Usually used to asses a design in physical form, or asses the tooling and finish details.
Relating to a diagram, plan, or scheme. It can also mean simplified.
Scope creep
An increasing growth of the scope of a project, resulting in projects eventually becoming unmanageable. This mostly happens when a project is not properly defined at the start of the project or managed throughout the project.
A document (online or offline) containing questions and exercises for participants of a group session in order to make them think about (sensitize them) about the subject that they are expected to evaluate or brainstorm on. The goal is to let users delve deeper into their experiences and get more than the first thing that comes to mind.
Sketch design
A first (often 2D) representation of a design based on a Program of Demands or set of specifications. During the sketch design a wider range of possible designs is presented in rough details, which can be further developed in multiple loops
Textiles and goods made from textiles. Also includes other soft materials such as plastics, leather and vinyl.
3D modelling CAD software by Dassault Systèmes.
Someone or a group of people with an interest or concern in something.
STEP file
Flexible computer file extension that represents 3D CAD data.
Story board
A collection of visualized frames, steps or moments in a script or user journey. Storyboards are a useful tool to visually explain a sequence of actions of steps.
Using specific shapes, visual cues, features, etc. of a product to express a feeling or function. A story can be told different ways, not just verbally.
Structural packaging design
A 3-dimensional design of a product packaging. The structural packaging design specifies everything about the packaing that is not the graphical design (shape, material, construction, production, transport).
Sub assembly
An assembly within a larger assembly.
A company that provides services, goods or components.
Supply chain
A network of affiliated suppliers of a business that is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of specific goods to the buyer.
SWOT Analysis
An analysis of a company or organization looking at internal and external aspects of the company in its market. It focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses (internal) as well as opportunities and threats (external), and combines those (e.g. a company’s strength with a market opportunity) to find interesting scenarios of product development.