Augmented Reality

waacs design uses augmented reality

While the technology has existed for many years on desktop and laptop machines there did not appear to be a way of presenting a 3D model of a project using a smartphone or tablet. To present our models to clients and other designers we start using the eDrawings Augmented Reality (AR) tool from Solidworks. This is the go-to solution to show full assemblies and parts at full scale on the table directly in front of you.

The AR app converts a static image to a physical interactive content experience. No link to a landing page like QR, but an interactive animation on the scanned object. Augmented reality is a layer-based app.
You scan the object with an AR-code with your iPad or iPhone.
By simply activating the device’s camera, we can bring our virtual 3D designs in a real context and see them in situation, at any desk or table or even in the palm of your hand. Move around the room and see the design from any perspective.