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Persil bottle finalist for “De Gouden Noot 2018”

Henkel detergent bottle

De Gouden Noot jury nominated the E-commerce Ready Detergent Packaging, WAACS designed together with Henkel, amongst the 10 finalists for it’s renowned packaging innovation competition. November 22nd, the jury will announce who takes home the bronze, silver or gold award at the official award ceremony at the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam.

As Henkel is very committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the laundry process we took the opportunity to innovate their well-known liquid detergent packaging. Together with WAACS Henkel re-invented the classic bestseller range and created a packaging platform ready for the future.

Henkel achieved this goal with a development based on two main pillars: Preventing leakage and avoiding bottle and closure breakage. By adding a second component to the cap and spout in a technological sophisticated way, a leakage proof system is created. Breakage was anticipated from a combination of design, material use and processing features, all melting together in a new bottle shape ranging from 1 up to 5 liter.

De Gouden Noot is a Dutch packaging innovation contest. Organizer NVC’s (the association of Dutch packaging experts) goal is to stimulate innovation in packaging and packaged products. The award is named after the unique solid golden walnut trophy that represents sustainable, effective and innovative packaging.

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