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WAACS launches two home brewed beers

Friday 12 January,  we had the launch party of our two home brewed WAACS beers. Under supervision of master brewer Reinier Lagendijk we created two beers in limited edition of 50 bottles each: Dumb Blond and Black Peat. Both beers handmade with the finest water, barley and hop bells. Don’t underestimate our Dumb Blond: she might be slightly naive, but this very attractive blond Ale is powerful enough to swipe you right of your feet. Black Peat on the other hand is a layered and complex Russian Imperial Stout that can be best described as cold brew espresso with hints of licorice and cocoa and a delicious light-brown layer of foam.

Invite us for coffee and we will bring our Black Peat beerspresso. Invite us for tea and we will bring a bottle of refreshing Dumb Blond barley tea. As long as stock lasts of course…

Reinier Lagendijk, Artist – Gardener – Brewer. Playing with the forces of nature is his thing. Known for his nature-made sculptures. Find out Reinier’s take on beer.