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Formfit PRO is going live!

Ossur FormFit Pro Knee brace - Designed by WAACS

The Össur FormFit Pro line is now available for everybody! The FormFit Pro 3D knitted braces that we designed with our Icelandic client Össur are now available at!

Össur’s Formfit Pro line for people who are suffering from different musculoskeletal conditions but also want to remain active. The product range is designed to support various body parts and joints. The range includes: Formfit Pro Knee for compression and patella support; Formfit Pro Knee OA, providing pain relief support for early-stage osteoarthritis; Formfit Pro Wrist and Formfit Pro Ankle, which provide compression support to their respective joints; Formfit Pro Elbow, which provides pain relief support for tennis elbow, and Formfit Pro Back, which provides important motion restriction support. Check out the complete product line at