School pen created for and with children



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School pen design

Fountain pen created for and with children

Bruynzeel My Grip school pen, designed by WAACS, combines the ideal grip with the interests of kids. As the fountain pen consists of separate parts, it offers options to build, exchange and collect. Thanks to the concept of loose clicks Bruynzeel My Grip can be moulded to each child’s hand. Whether you’re 4 or 12 years of age, left or right handed, the triangular grip and durable nib make Bruynzeel My Grip an ideal pen for learning to write.

Shape to fit your hand

Bruynzeel My Grip consists of loose caps or clicks. Just like Lego separate elements click together to build different shapes. When starting to learn how to write 2 or 3 clicks will fit the child’s needs. At the end of primary school 4 or 5 clicks make a length that suits the hand. Each of the clicks can be used to function as a cap to protect the durable iridium nib. The curve of the caps is formed in consultation with experts in writing education. These curves allow the forming of a shape that fits each and every hand, both left and right handers. This, and the ergonomic triangular grip, make My Grip comfortable to use for any child.

Made by you

A fountain pen is the appropriate instrument for learning to write. What such a pen should look like the primary school students know best themselves. Thus Waacs design & consultancy, in a ‘Context Mapping’ study, asked 81 pupils to grade certain features of their favourite pen. Then draw, cut or paint their ideal pen. The result was a long list of ‘check-this-out’ features like a chewable cap and a pen with built-in flower-for-angry-teacher. Though the real insights in the children’s worlds are the wish for personalisation and social interaction by building and trading caps and covers.

Choose your own colour

Bruynzeel My grip finds the fun in learning to write. Interchangeable clicks in various colours offer the option to exchange parts and put together a personalised pen. The fountain pen is now in stores for €8,95 in 3 colour combinations (a bright variety, blues for boys and pink shades for girls). With coloured ink cartridges you can even write in your favourite colour. Use Limited Edition clicks like glitter and fluo to assemble a fountain pen that is uniquely your own.

In a context mapping study we asked 81 pupils to grade certain features of their favourite pen. Then draw, cut or paint their ideal pen.

Bruynzeel My Grip design sketches




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