Douwe Egberts cross selling items

Office coffee products

Everywhere from the family-owned tulip grower to the multi-national logistics company in Rotterdam harbor, someone has seriously thought about how to serve the coffee. Which is why Douwe Egberts again turned to Waacs to redesign their business coffee and tea service. The main requirement for a series equally at home in the CEO’s meeting room as on the factory floor: everyday elegance. The new upward curve of the stackable trays creates an easily grasped edge. The sugar/creamer dispenser can be carried by its golf-tee handle.

Red, introduced years ago by Douwe Egberts as the standard roast color, has become synonymous with coffee and all its comforts. So why venture from a classic? The Douwe Egberts red has been re-embraced with open arms, a matt texture added to the cup-sleeves for a touch of refinement. Also removable, rubber canister collars have been added, red for coffee and green for tea. The result is Dutch socialism and pragmatism put to use: what’s good enough for the factory worker is good enough for the CEO. It’s modern and attractive without pretending to be a work of art. After all, it’s coffee at work not tea with the queen!

Douwe Egberts Cross selling items designed by WAACS
Douwe Egberts Cross selling items designed by WAACS




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