Karvan Cévitam bottle design

Packaging innovation

A Dutch design classic

During the 2nd World War, commercial shipping was impossible and, as a result, the import of oranges from the Mediterranean to Holland stopped. The Dutch government foresaw health problems with the shortage of vitamin C and set out to find a solution. Rosebuds turned out to be the answer: they thrive in the northern climate and are an excellent source of vitamin C. In 1948 the first rosebud syrup was introduced on the Dutch market under the name of Karvan Cévitam. The name was referring to a ‘caravan of vitamin C’.

Karvan Cevitam lemonade bottle design by WAACS

Karvan Cevitam lemonade bottle design by WAACS

Signature shaped packaging

H.J. Heinz Company acquired the brand and transformed the product range into a contemporary selection of fruit syrups with the highest percentage of fruit in the market. Together with Mountain Design, WAACS was asked to communicate the Karvan Cévitam product quality in a new packaging design. Within rigid technical constraints and without changing the cap, WAACS redesigned the generic original canister into a more dynamic, signature shape.




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