Slendertone Bottom Toner

Electrical muscle stimulation garment

WAACS was asked to redesign electrical muscle stimulation briefs: a product that is rarely talked about. To gain sufficient insight in what could be improved, a context mapping research was set out to discover what users expected and wished for in such a product. We asked potential users to test the existing version privately, in their own homes, and tell us through a small diary booklet their experiences.
The main insight was that the participants were skeptical about the product. This became leading for the design process: how could we make users trust the bottom toner?

By using Idea Cards, small cards with solutions for different aspects, we created concepts focusing on high quality and providing a safe and trustworthy user experience.
The Slendertone Bottom garment has been ergonomically designed and incorporates four EMR stimulation areas in a comfortable shorts garment, a suitable fit for most sizes. The insights found were also used for marketing, packaging and product placement strategies: a holistic approach to deliver a complete product in all of its aspects.

Creating new concepts with context mapping and idea cards design modules




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