UNITO smart water system

The 4-in-1 water solution

4-in-1 water solution

Next to the UNITO smart faucet we had the privilege to develop its under-the-sink counterpart as well: UNITO smart water system. UNITO smart water system is the first-ever smart connected solution that combines a boiler, chiller, carbonizer and water filter into a single device. WAACS has helped to develop a contemporary housing unit that both looks the part and serves all of its users correctly.

The installer needs to be able to easily install the device, the user needs to quickly read out and replace their CO2 and filter units and the system needs to be efficiently maintained. This new hassle-free system is as plug ’n play as it gets. You only have to connect the water coming in and the water going out. Furthermore, users won’t get tangled up in tubes and wires.

Smart water faucet

The sleek modern faucet comes with a control panel that offers a luxury of options just below the surface. Combining the UNITO smart water system and the UNITO smart faucet allows users to tap up to six different types of water with the press of a finger.

Supported with a smart water app

The UNITO smart water system is supported by a cool app that enables you to set timers, adjust water temperature, purchase replacement filters, call for service and other convenient functions.




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