A revolution in water testing

The right tool for the job

How do you keep track of seven highly sensitive factors in your aquarium or pond? WAACS helped Velda rethink the way that people take care of their pond. The difference between a healthy and unhealthy pond can be very small. With the Aqua Tester Pro, Velda gives the user a high precision tool to better help them assess the condition of their pond.

The simplest and most precise way to assess the condition of your pond is the tried and proven litmus test. Relying on chemical reactions, different water values can be very precisely indicated. The mayor bottle neck is the human eye. The correct interpretation of pond test values is not easy without the right tools to distinguish between good and bad.

A sharp eye

Combining the old with the new, the Aqua Tester Pro uses a highly sensitive RGB sensor to detect even the slightest changes in color in the test strips. The only thing the pond owner has to do is slide the strip though the tester and the results instantly show on screen. In order to facilitate sliding, the test strips themselves have also been updated.

The tester is integrated into the existing infrastructure Velda has to keep track of your pond over time. Next to being more precise, the Aqua Tester Pro eliminates the hassle by automatically time stamping uploading and the results to the Velda app.

WAACS Velda Aqua Tester Pro - Exploded view
WAACS Velda Aqua Tester Pro - Test strip
WAACS Velda Aqua Tester Pro - Sketch
WAACS Velda Aqua Tester Pro - Prototype
The WAACS story

At WAACS, we love breaking boundaries in well-established markets. In Velda we found the ideal partner to create smart and innovative products. From now on, you don’t have to be a chemist to know the exact water values of your pond.




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