At WAACS we help companies in many different ways. We help with the development of new products, we create design strategies for both existing and new brands, we inspire people to think outside of the box and we even moderate creative brainstorm sessions and translate ideas into visuals. With over 28 years of experience, we can provide support in all aspects of the design process for industrial products and user interfaces. Whether it is for a small Dutch company or a large multinational, we work with the same enthusiasm and energy to deliver something unique each time. The way we work at WAACS is structured according to our Innovation Model.

Ranging from the Fuzzy Front End, in which we help clients to find the right direction for new product development, up to Concept Design, in which we create feasible product concepts for production development. We offer services across five Design Modules in our model: finding consumer insights, visual thinking, creating market opportunity, developing meaningful products and realization. These are the five different stages of the WAACS design process. Each Design Module is a strong tool on its own, but when combined they make an even stronger formula to achieve even greater design results. Explore each module to find out what we do exactly and to see how we can help you further.



Share, clarify and convince with images


Translating consumer insights into a broad range of ideas


Turning sketch ideas into realistic concepts


Transforming smart concepts into perfect products

Finding consumer insights

Better consumer insights mean better product designs. At WAACS we have developed a user-friendly research tool that gives insights into how consumers behave and what truly matters to them. With a clear visual representation of the different stages of the needs of users, this tool is a sound starting point in our design process.

Creating market opportunities

WAACS creates new market opportunities by translating the consumer insights it finds into concrete product ideas. Through brainstorming, ideas are documented in an interactive Idea Cloud. The ideas in the cloud are quickly made visual with sketches. Together with the client, the most promising product ideas are selected for further development. A future roadmap is made.

Visual thinking

Information comes in many forms and abstraction levels. It’s often perceived as complex and difficult to grasp. WAACS uses illustration to facilitate interaction, share ideas, and give clients a grip on their current situation and direction for moving forward. Visual thinking is a great tool to simplify complex things and create overview and structure where it is needed.

Developing meaningful products

At WAACS, we generate new product ideas that will pleasantly surprise you. We tackle the issues that need to be solved using a load of experience and common sense. Our multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers constantly generates creative solutions for a wide variety of products. Sketching, CAD modelling, visualizing, prototyping, testing, optimizing, consulting – all steps of our iterative design process.


At WAACS we have the skills and tools to turn surprising ideas into smart concepts and, ultimately, a perfect and successful product. We combine our creativity with common sense, technical know-how and experience. We assist our clients around the globe with detailed 3D CAD design, production specifications, outsourcing suppliers and manufacturers, analysis, testing and improvements. We use our knowledge to develop products that work and sell.