Sustainable first aid kit

More than putting a bandaid on it

Sustainable packaging

In companies today, first aid kits are unfortunately thrown away and replaced when the contents expire. They are cheap to replace and people don’t want the hassle of sorting out the contents. The kit and the contents had to become more sustainable! The product but also the infrastructure around it had to become more sustainable and be improved.

Planet People Profit

The (R)evolution design has reduced the environmental impact on the planet as much as possible. The main packaging design now has limited material and is made from FSC-certified cardboard. Contents have also been improved using suppliers that pack their products in recycled plastic.

To be socially responsible the kits are assembled by the employees of a social workshop. This benefits people by providing various types of work possibilities according to their abilities. To prevent waste from leftover content, it can be returned and sent to a hospital in Tanzania so it can still be profited from.

The WAACS story

WAACS was challenged to create a sustainable alternative to the current overengineered injection molded first aid kits. We used our eco-design method to do a life cycle analysis of the packaging to see where the most positive impact could be made. We are happy to be a part of developing more considered designs. Creating sustainable and eco-friendly packaging makes us happy and our planet healthier.




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