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During the Rotterdam Marathon 2015, we’re hosting a VIP brunch at our office with a magnificent view over the finish line. Watch the pros finish in record-breaking times. Runners and supporters are welcome to join us on Sunday April 12th for a delicious brunch and/or post-run shower.

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Tradition turned upside down

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In Holland, new parents serve little sweet anise “muisjes” (mice) when a baby is born. These white and pink or blue sprinkles traditionally cover up a piece of rusk. On the other hand, we also know a mashed version of this sweet spread: “gestampte muisjes”.
We thought we’d turn this tradition upside down. We created a present to give the new family, with which you can make your own mashed mice with this cute little grinder. A happy addition to the breakfast table and fun to use.

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waacs published in sketching presentation


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When a book about sketching sells over 100.000 copies worldwide you can say without a doubt, it’s a bestseller. As we were already happy to be featured in “SKETCHING Drawing techniques for product designers”, the first book from Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur, we are honoured to announce we are again featured in their 3rd book “SKETCHING Presentation”. Read More

Boretti Barilo charcoal grill

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WAACS has been busy with the design of multiple BBQ’s for Boretti the last few months. These new BBQ’s were presented at the SPOGA. Boretti commissioned WAACS to design their complete new 2015 range of gas barbecues. For cooks who prefer the authenticity of charcaol grilling, WAACS designed the tough looking Barilo charcoal grill. The new range was launched at the spoga+gafa tradeshow in Cologne begin September 2014. In the pictures you see Misha Kraakman of Boretti next to his Barilo charcoal grill.
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After months of hard work by WAACS and FERM, we are pleased to announce the POWER-FS range from FERM is for sale from August 2014. FERM made this powerful movie to introduce their new range of power tools. This video features all 10 devices designed by WAACS. Including the AGM (Angle grinders), CDM (Cordless drills), HDM (Hammer drills) and PDM (Pneumatic drills) range. These ranges are designed to fit one design language.

Waacs history

22 Years of WAACS history

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This year WAACS celebrates 22 year of design history. The dutch word ‘waaks’ stands for alert, watchful and vigilant. WAACS was founded during the early 1990s recession, it prospered during the burst of the dot com bubble in 2000 and is again thriving in the current chilly financial climate. When the going gets tough the tough get going. This is a salute to original founders of the studio back in 1992. From left to right: Dienand Christe, Joost Alferink, Marcel Wanders and Joost van Alfen.