WAACS rules #6 Why raise your voice when you have the better argument?

A silent revolution

Rule to be broken

It can be tempting to bring an exciting new technology to the market in an equally exciting product design. Will it stand out? Sure. Will it appeal to consumers? Not always. We believe in making the archetype better, convincing consumers with the most advanced functionality in a design they are comfortable with.

How we broke it

Consumer insights were clear on this one: silent, clean ventilation is a must. ATAG Evolve replaces sticky filters with a cyclone principle, spinning grease out of the air into an easy-to-clean reservoir. The result: quiet, practical and insanely energy efficient (A+++). Also, we gave this powerhouse a floating sleeve and subtle recirculation air vents for a light, airy appearance.

Why we did it

We’ve cooked up some award-winning projects with ATAG before. This time, ATAG had new technology and wanted a design to get everybody excited. Unlike other kitchen appliances, the cooker hood can’t be tucked away in a closet. We’ve positioned the technology to do what it does best in a sleek, contemporary design that integrates seamlessly into any kitchen.

The WAACS story

At WAACS we’re always questioning the status quo. Not for the sake of breaking the rules, but to first really understand what those rules are all about. We lay out a clear road map for solutions that will work in the context of everything else. So when it comes to our designs, you won’t hear us raising our voice.




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