LIVIT Flexible Hyper Extension Brace

A brace you can get used to

Rule to be broken

Recovering from a bone fracture or living with osteoporosis is certainly no walk in the park. Especially when you consider the range of braces available. Whether a temporary solution or a permanent corset, these braces are stiff contraptions designed to stabilize your posture for proper healing over time. What more could you ask for, right?! Well, since you asked…

How we broke it

We did our research and found plenty. While posture and proper support is undeniably important, effective healing requires a long-term commitment. WAACS explored different ways to make the Flexible Hyperextension Brace comfortable in all possible ways: soft-yet-supportive materials, shoulder straps to slip it on and off, adjustment at the front for easy access and washable underarm pads for improved hygiene.

Why we did it

This innovative, technical brace was developed by Livit in cooperation with TU Delft University of Technology. WAACS was brought on board to develop a prototype to be attractive for the market, comfortable to wear and suitable for producing greater quantities. We proudly met all the requirements in one neat design and brought LIVIT in contact with a producer from our international network, specializing in soft materials.

The WAACS story

At WAACS we look at each new project from every angle: from consumer opinion, the commercial prospects and the production perspective. It’s when these elements start coming together in the design process that we know we’re on to something big. Our experience with this balancing act has enabled us to build a healthy portfolio in various sectors.




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