Neumaster paint spray gun

Spray it, don't say it

Paint spray gun innovations

Paint spray guns can paint a wall 8 times faster than a brush, saving time and effort on big surface projects like walls, exterior siding, and fences. Prulde, one of the largest manufacturers of paint spray guns in the world, turned to WAACS to assess their complete product portfolio. First step is often the so called ‘low hanging fruit’. What can we do to create a more appealing product on short term? In most cases these are more cosmetic and superficial solutions, which are then followed by more innovative developments for the long-term. You have to dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Uniquely and generic design

Developing power tools means to create a product design for a global market. In addition this new paint spray gun is intended for the OEM market, so the design should be able to fit with a variety of brands. The result was the perfect challenge: to create something that is both unique enough to stand out in a packed crowd, but generic enough to fit almost every brand. Styling aside, we also looked into functional improvements that do not require changing the technical components. Consumer tools are in a constant competition of strength, size and manliness. It usually leads to an overkill of masculinity. Most of this equipment doesn’t even fit in the palm of the average person’s hand.

WAACS Prulde Paint spray gun
WAACS Prulde paint spray gun blue
Design for OEM

Our answer to the challenge is a design that is firmly rooted in robust power tool detailing, with a hint of modern dynamic design trends. A large label area that naturally emerges from the design offers flexible solutions for all potential brands. We didn’t redesign the spray gun to make it bigger, instead, we tried to make them more effective within the size they already have. Now they actually fit into normal hands which make people happy, from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. Not to mention they are ready for quick implementation of future functional improvements.

The WAACS story

If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. Since our founding days in the early nineties global production of consumer products has largely relocated to Asia. For us it seemed only logical to follow the trail and start doing projects in Asia. For more than 15 years WAACS has been successfully competing with local design agencies in developing products for OEM manufacturers in China. Having learned the tricks of (international) trade and with the agility of our Chinese competitors we can help Western and Asian brands alike to compete better in an increasingly competitive market.

WAACS paint spray gun sketch
WAACS paint spray gun sketch more with branding




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