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Tradition turned upside down

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In Holland, new parents serve little sweet anise “muisjes” (mice) when a baby is born. These white and pink or blue sprinkles traditionally cover up a piece of rusk. On the other hand, we also know a mashed version of this sweet spread: “gestampte muisjes”.
We thought we’d turn this tradition upside down. We created a present to give the new family, with which you can make your own mashed mice with this cute little grinder. A happy addition to the breakfast table and fun to use.

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Business Estafette Marathon Rotterdam 2014

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4 members of the WAACS Crew finished the Business Estafette Marathon Rotterdam in 3:54:57. With perfect view over the finish from our balcony we saw Eleni finish. With 4 medals in the pocket and aching muscles we look back at a wonderful day and a great experience … Rotterdamn we’re fast!…

Tech Life gadget of the month

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The Medisana TargetScale is ‘Tech Life gadget of the month’. Singapore health magazine Tech Life features the smart scale developed by Waacs:
‘Space-age scale motivate you to athletic, Speedos-wearing svelteness just in time for summer. The Medisana TargetScale can help get you into shape, tracking not only your weight, but also all manner of key health indicators, including BMI, body fat and water, muscle and bone mass, and more with various add-ons.’